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People AND Companies Love the NEW WAY Outlook Users Get and Stay Even More Productive

How you can save your company one month's payroll for its Outlook users, and help those people to stop wasting time, have less stress, and be more control of their workflow.

“Any corporate education and training that can be done online will be done online, always, from this point forward.”

~ Brandon Busteed (Forbes)

Timing: 11:00 - 12:00 SAST (GMT+2), including time for Q&A.

Hosted by
Gerrit Cloete
November 12th | 11:00 SAST | Show in my timezone

Here is What You'll Learn

3 Sets of Outlook Productivity Tips

Implementation Strategy

#1: Take charge of your workday

Get out of your Inbox! Start your day in the Calendar and then treat your Inbox like a postbox at the post office. Kill those notifications - they are wasting your time. Let your Calendar do the talking.

#2: Take charge of your Inbox

Be ruthless. Make better decisions about how to use your limted time, attention and energy. Get those CC mails out of your Inbox! Forget creating a filing system - rather create a finding system.

#3: Take charge of your workload

Delegate and track progress without effort. Use Quick Parts to quickly say 'No' when people cross your e-boundaries. Master shortcuts and Shortkeys - you should only type what you really need to type.

The New Way Key 1: Self-study with 24/7 online content

Vital: Online content to consume in your own time. Available 24/7. Works for all versions of Outlook later than 2007.

The New Way Key 2: Don't go it alone

When last did you successfully complete an e-learning course where it was all up to you without any support? Most people still want to be part of a group when learning something new. They also want direct interaction with the course leader.

The New Way Key 3: Keep your productivity swing going

Getting even more productive can take a lot of effort. However, staying at your new level of improved productivity can be challenging. To keep a swing going after the first big push, all you need to do is give it a little push every now and then. The New Way has these "momentum maintainers" built in.


About Gerrit Cloete

Gerrit is the ultimate hardworking lazy guy. Working very hard to find ways how to get the right things done with as little effort as possible. And when he does, to share it with as many people as possible.

Through his work he has helped more than 12 000 people in 320 companies in 12 countries to say, 'This is making my life so much easier.' 

Gerrit holds post graduate gecrees in physics, education and an MBA from the Universioty of Stellenbosch.

He enjoys living in Cape Town, where he visits his 'Universities of Life', the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden as well as the Sea Point promenade at least once a week for inspiration.


About Duncan Hattingh

As the voicemail message on his cell phone says: ”If I can’t take your call I am either in a workshop or out cycling!”

Duncan’s industrial engineering background and his love of the “ooh” and “aahhh” moments when people learn a really cool trick in MS Outlook, are his inspiration and motivation in helping people use their technology in ways that make them more productive.

Was there life before the Internet, cell phones and gadgets? Duncan’s glad he missed it!

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